Hefei Chuansite Magnetic Materials Co.,Ltd
No.68, Fuyang Road,Shuangfeng Industrial Zone, Changfeng County,Hefei City, Anhui P.R., China
About Us

        Hefei Chuansite Magnetic Materials Co.,Ltd was established in Hefei Chuan Site in August 2008. Is a professional production and processing all kinds of rare earth permanent magnet products. Our main products are all kinds of motor magnets, MRI magnets, wind turbine magnets, speaker magnets, magnet fitness equipment, instrumentation magnet, magnet golf, mahjong magnet, car magnet electric buzzer magnet computer magnet, magnet boxes, bags magnet, magnet machinery, health magnet, gifts disk, Cikou stationery, toys, magnets and other products.

     "Technological innovation, good as gold, service forever" is our aim Chuan Site Magnets! Warmly welcome new and old customers and friends to visit Hefei Chuan Site guidance and business negotiation.